Typically, the current workplace environment tends to be more accommodative to people who seem to speak first, are full of energy and who learn by doing. On the other hand, those who appear to be reflective, take their time to think and thrive in a quiet environment are often not noticed and can be overlooked when it comes to recognizing their contribution in projects and ultimately promotions. However, this is about to change, as research shows that introverts provide the perfect balance in the workplace, and particularly in the field of human resources.

The Myers-Briggs Types Indicator (MBTI) shows that…

As an HR Professional, you want to perform at your highest level every day and ultimately in your career. You are always looking for new ways to learn and grow as you develop your progression.

One valuable method for career development and learning I believe strongly in is self-reflection, in a structured weekly format. This style of self-reflection should not be confused with other reasons for self-reflection and different forms of self-reflection.

This structured format has one aim — and that is for you to continue to perform as best as you can in your current role.

What is structure…

Taming the Inner Critic

There is an old saying, “We are our own harshest critic.” Self-doubt and a general lack of confidence can hold anyone back no matter what their role is, but for HR Professionals tasked with creating a corporate culture centered on excellence, teamwork and the free exchange of ideas, listening to that inner critic can be disastrous to their self-confidence and career advancement.

I often ask both myself and my Clients ‘why do we give so much power to our critical inner voice?’ …

How to embrace a value-added management style.

The challenge I have experienced for many newly-promoted HR professionals is striking the proper balance from leading the team — rather than doing the work for them. But how do you make that necessary mindset adjustment? As is not always easy!

Career progression is a natural part of professional life. With experience and hard work, you’ll naturally progress from HR Generalist/Operational roles to HR Business Partner/Leadership roles. While hard work, passion and a wealth of knowledge are all primary requisites for career progression, they don’t always prepare you for a leadership role.


It’s no secret that women are under-represented in the workplace. In fact, it’s a well-known and documented phenomenon: Women only hold about 27% of executive positions at Fortune 500 companies.

But what’s not often talked about is why so few women make it to the top levels of their careers, or how things can change for future generations. Sally Helgesen explains this brilliantly in her book ‘The 12 Habits That Hold Women Back’. Stating, that females often don’t cultivate enough professional support from co-workers, mentors, senior managers and team members, treating them instead as friends for having wonderful conversations with.

What is the number one competency that all HR Business Partners need?

When I did my MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Science with Henley Business School in 2015, my subject was The move from HR Operational to HR Strategic — is the coaching competency an integral requirement? I know it was a bit of a mouthful!

Confident that coaching was, as that is why I had spent the last three years studying the science of coaching, I interviewed 18 CHRO’s in US Multi-nationals and to my dismay do you know what I learnt?

Coaching was not the main competency being…

In the early 2000s, the emergence of Mentors became a new source of development for hi-potential employees. Organisations developed and ran structured mentoring programs and mentoring circles. Encouraging employees at all levels of the organisation to sign up for a mentor.

Often the question was asked what is mentoring? What were the rules of engagement and what were the requirements of a mentor? Good HR teams put together detailed presentations and ran workshops. However, the basic principle is that the mentor provides a source of wisdom and support to the mentee and guides their development and growth. …

Another word for needs might be benefits, but I think it is interesting to ask the question: What do I need to have job satisfaction? We all have different needs that give us energy and passion to motivate us at work. The question is can we articulate them.

Tangible and intangible benefits can be described as the benefits that make up the culture of your organisation. I describe the culture of an organisation as the invisible glue that binds a company together. …

Roy E Disney

How do our Core Values influence our Decision-Making process?

Can you articulate what your top three core values are? If you were pushed could you describe what a personal value is and why they are so important?

Put simply values help you decide what’s important in your life and the standards you want to live your life by.

Personally, I don’t believe we give enough thought to what our values are and how they influence our thinking. For me, values are our internal compass that steers our decision-making process in life including work, home and relationships.

It is more than…

I was recently working with a HR Manager who wanted to improve her work-life balance by spending less time procrastinating about tasks that she had to do, working more effectively, except everything does not need to be perfect and therefore reducing the need to work evenings and weekends.

Through coaching we established a number of different options that could support her behavioral change, one was to ask a team member to become an accountability partner.

Initially, this was met with resistance as she did not want to ‘show’ her weakness to another team member and the word ‘scary’ was used…

Susan Manning

Leadership Consultant and Clarity Coach — Providing essential CLARITY for greater effectiveness in a chaotic world. www.susanmanning.ie

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